Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Good-bye and a Thank-You to Naicam

So it's our last day here, and I thought I would just write a quick note to thank Naicam (and it's inhabitants! haha) for everything they have done for us in the past 2 1/2 years we have been here!!

We came here as a 22 and 23 year old, fresh out of University, and Depot, ready to take on the world and be real grown-ups. The fact that we had a baby on the way only added to the excitement when we got to move into our first house, and finally break free from student life. Now, looking back on those years.. I have realized that the saying, "It takes a village.." can apply both to children (which is certainly true in Ben's case!!) as well as the young RCMP and his wife!!

Whether it was helping me sort through the front flower beds to figure out which were weeds and which were flowers, or planting my very first garden, or trying to navigate through the pressure of being married to the town Sherrif (hahaha.. )

After we had Ben (who as an infant was one of those colicky babies that old women like to tell pregnant women about), I quickly found out that having no family nearby, isn't all that awful when you have a town full of rent-a-grandma's, seasoned Mom's, caring neighbours, cooks who can rock a baby to sleep while mommy eats in peace and quiet at the restraunt (Thanks BERT!!), and amazing friends. Whether it was Kim or Bonnie literally removing me from my child on occasion to give me a break, and then lieing through their teeth in telling me that everything went perfect, or the ladies group at church making us a chicken dinner and baby sitting Ben while Mike and I chowed down on real home cooking for the first time since Ben was born.. family was everywhere I looked. Mike was playing senior hockey in Naicam, and it was a common site to see Ben with his blue snowsuit on being passed around to almost everyone in the crowd!!

It didn't end there either.. the next thing I knew I had decided to go back to work, and found possibly the worlds greatest babysitter in Kim B.. so good in fact that I had to coax my child out of there at the end of the day. He came home knowing all kinds of new things (I'm still blaming the tantrums on, 'another kid at the sitter'.. hahahaha) as well as with crafts, presents, and a giant smile. Honestly, you can't pay for that kind of satisfaction as a mom. ( A babysitter with a heart of gold, who all children love.. Kim you should up your prices.. safe to say that now that I'm gone! haha Just kidding!!)

My new job at CMI was another family I could rely on to make me laugh, bug me mercilessly, and be a place I enjoyed going everyday (ok.. well most days.. we all have our moments!haha) I got to know many people in the community through work, and when word that we were moving got out, I was so touched by how many of the producers called and said how much they were going to miss me... now you don't get that very often!!

Needless to say, everything wasn't all rainbows and butterflies, with Mike's job we get to see both sides of a community. But after dealing with the worst of the community, Mike always got a kick out of the teenagers. And although there will always be teenage boys spinning their tires (and saying very flattering things about me.. usually after Mike had pulled them over.. hmmm... trying to get out of a ticket?? haha) and girls whistling at Mike when he's mowing the lawn shirtless, they were usually good for a laugh! (The girls I coached let me in on a few secrets.. like how much they enjoyed having a younger RCMP around.. hahah)

Anyways, long story... well longer.. I just wanted to say thank you to our adopted family in Naicam. We had many firsts here, and we will always think back on our time in Naicam with fondess. I've heard that you always shed a tear when you leave a posting, be it tears of happiness or tears of sadness, and as excited as we are for the adventure ahead of us, we won't ever forget where this whole rollercoaster started. When people ask me how I feel about having to move around a lot, my standard response is, "Thats what happens when you marry the guy in the red jacket". Well it's easier said then done.. but as they say, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...