Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Thoughts From a Restless Brain

Good people make a life. Whether it’s friends that finds hilarity in the same depraved ways as you, or a husband that does something totally amazing for you.. Life is worth nothing without good people in it.

Trust your initial instincts. It’s amazing how much you know about people within seconds.

Wheat fields yellowed by autumn, soaking up the golden sun are a thing of pure beauty.

If you think your life is bad… read the paper.

If you still think your life is bad… seek a therapist.

Worrying about tomorrow only robs you of the joy of today . (From a poster.. Those adorable little chimps are modern day Buddha’s)

Holding hands is just as much of a delight after two children as it was after two dates.

Chasing a giggly toddler is one of the best perks of being a parent, nursing a sick toddler is perhaps the worst.

You gotta do what you gotta do. It’s not about where you are, it’s about where you are going. (I believe these were kittens and puppies, respectively)

Britney Spears is still awesome. (Even with terrible extensions. Honestly, isn’t she a millionaire, I think even I could fix that.)

Butterflies.. Outside on a flower, or in your stomach.. Almost always good things.

A comfortable bed. My god does that make your life better. Don’t believe me? Go get a new bed.

It's my anniversary tomorrow... and everytime I hear 'Stuck like glue' by Sugarland I hum along because I feel like I could have written it. I'm pretty sure that means I'm lucky. (As long as Mike doesn't hum 'Crazy Bitch' for the same reason.)