Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Ode To Amy

Ours was not a story of love at first sight. No, ours was a story of fear at first sight, well at least on my behalf. You were an older, mysterious dark beauty, with certain clout in the Campbell Collegiate circle, and I was blonde, bubbly and a cheerleader. We, my friend, could not have been any more different. I came bouncing into the bathroom, cheerleader friends in tow, only to be stopped in my tracks by one intimidating glance by you, and the words, “Are you Brittany Hunter?” A short conversation, which can only be relayed in person, after a few too many glasses of red wine, took place. I left the bathroom with shaking knees, and one giant question for my boyfriend…. “You have a SISTER???”

If I would have only known then, how our relationship would eventually turn out, I would have whispered a few things to our 15 and 17 year old selves.

- Brittany, you will be so thankful for Amy’s influence on her brother for many years to come, for various reasons.. Mainly because she taught him the importance of taking care of a possible ‘unibrow’ situation.
- Amy, go easy on her.. She is well aware that you do a mean impression of “Hi, it’s BaaaRRRiTNEEEEY”.. she thinks you are cool, regardless of the verbal diarrehea that seems to be persistent whenever in your presence.
-There will be a time, in both of your futures, that you will both have one too many glasses of wine together at family functions and find each other hilarious, at the most inopportune times. (“Pappet, Spread the Cheeks“)
-You are so eerily similar in so many ways, that in the future Brittany, you will often tell Mike that Amy should be your sister and not his.
-Regardless of who you ‘think’ you are now, when you both grow up a little bit, you will become the best of friends… who just happen to be related.

So, Happy (almost) Birthday to not only a great nurse (to whom I call incessantly whenever someone in my family is sick.. Thanks, and um, sorry about all the calls lately), a fantastic Momma, but a wonderful friend (and someone who can do my make-up)!


Your sister from another mother,

PS. I only KIND of fear you still……..

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