Friday, February 14, 2014



It’s singing my daughter her favorite lullaby despite not being able to carry a tune.

It’s the kisses I cover my baby in, day after day no matter how many boogers, or banana chunks cover his grimy little face.

It’s all the early mornings spent at the rink with my son, skates tied just right, and that look he gives me after scoring every goal.

It’s the quiet moments spent with my husband, making dinner, reading a book, watching Breaking Bad with my feet strewn on his lap because I always want to lie down but also insist we sit on the same couch.

It’s the excited phone calls and Facetime to grandparents and aunties and uncles after goals scored, tests aced, teeth lost, words spoken, or for no other reason than to say hi.

It’s my daughter wanting to live with my sister because she doesn’t like us anymore.

It’s my parents laughing hysterically trying to recant a story to us on the phone about my mom meeting a few waves in Maui.

It’s my parents taking care of their parents until the end; it’s my dad sitting next to a hospital bed watching his mom take her last breath.

It’s my mom and her sister taking care of their sick uncle, who despite never marrying or having children of his own, commands such a special place in everyone’s hearts that an army of nieces and nephews from far and wide has stepped forward to be with him.

It’s phone calls shared in the blackest of nights, where silence prevails and tears stream down.

It’s a wet puppy kiss and rules broken after an older dog taught us all life lessons.

It’s the frustration and the exhilaration of a life spent at the barn.

It’s angry and volatile, while all at once content and unwavering.  It’s romantic.  It’s familial.  It’s friendly.  It’s for the world and its contents.  It’s for horses and dogs, and even some cats.

It’s for beauty and fresh air and salt water on your lips.

It’s so much more than one day.

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